Thomas Wermuth

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Dr. Thomas S. Wermuth joined the Marist College faculty as an Assistant Professor of History in 1992, was appointed Dean of the School of Liberal Arts in 2001 and Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2007. A native of the Hudson River Valley, Dr. Wermuth earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from Marist College, his MA from the State University of New York at Albany and his Ph.D from Binghamton University. In 2001, Dr. Wermuth was chosen by the faculty to receive the Board of Trustees' Faculty Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has researched and written Rip Van Winkle's Neighbors: The Transformation of Rural Society in the Hudson River Valley, which was published by the State University of New York Press. He is also the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles in distinguished academic journals.

Dr. Wermuth has received major grants, fellowships, and awards, including two U.S. Department of Education "Teaching American History" Grants; a Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area Grant; a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellowship; and the Charles G. Kennedy Award from the Economic and Business Historical Society.

In 2002, Thom founded the Hudson River Valley Institute (HRVI), which is recognized as one of the nation's leading regional history programs, and began publishing The Hudson River Valley Review: A Journal of Regional Studies. He completed Harvard University's School of Education Management Development Program and was a Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's McNeil Center for Early American Studies. He sits on the Advisory Committee of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, is the editor of the book series "An American Region" published by SUNY, and is associate editor of the Encyclopedia of New York State (Syracuse University Press). He has been interviewed by the New York Times, C-Span, and numerous other media publications on issues concerning American history and local and regional studies.

Dr. Wermuth's primary teaching is in early American history and Hudson River Valley history and culture.