The Marist Core Prior to Fall 2013


 If you enrolled at the College prior to Fall 2013, you will complete the same Core requirements
 that were in place when you first came. A comprehensive list of these requirements can be
 found in the Catalog.pdf Here is a general summary:

 Foundation courses:

  • ENG 116 College Writing I and/or ENG 117 College Writing II
  • PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 200 Ethics (formerly PHIL 300 Ethics) 

 Distribution courses:

 Capping course:

  • Senior-level course engaging with Core skill areas and values awareness

 *One of your courses in Core or the major must fulfill the Cultural Diversity requirement.pdf

 *Intermediate-level foreign language courses can be used to replace the second course in History, Science, Mathematics, or

 *A foreign-culture coursepdfmay replace the second course in History or Literature.