Computer Science B.S. with a

Concentration in Software Development

Computer Science

Students who study in the computer science program at Marist College have access to one of the most technologically advanced departments in a liberal arts institution in the nation. The Department of Computer Science / Information Technology & Systems (CS/ITS) provides a challenging curriculum taught by full time qualified and experienced faculty, who offer students access to the full spectrum of state-of-the-art equipment. The College's strong relationship and participation in a joint study with IBM enhances the students' educational experience and gives them a range of undergraduate internship experiences followed by outstanding career opportunities after graduation.

The Department of CS/ITS offers students greater flexibility through a joint first-year curriculum for Computer Science, and Information Technology & Systems majors. Students select the major that best suits their interests at the end of freshman year and complete introductory courses in computer science and assembly language programming in sophomore year. By the beginning of the junior year, computer science majors are enrolled in courses in programming language and logic design, advanced data structures and software development. Juniors and seniors also participate in team programming projects that enables them to acquire valuable practical experience. The program also offers a popular new concentration in Game Design and Programming as well as courses in computer graphics, computer networks, artificial intelligence, database management and compiler theory.

Lab Student

In addition, we recognize our responsibilities to the community we serve, and strive to provide opportunity for continuing education at many levels through certificate and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Sensitivity to the non-traditional student is reflected in our scheduling and mode of delivery as well as in the content of our courses.

The department has the further commitment to maintain a quality program consistent with the overall mission of the College and the ever-changing demands of the profession.

Some of the Careers Available to Graduates of this Program

Network Administrator
Software Developer
Project Manager
Technical Writer
Database Administrator
Programmer Analyst