Contacting Security: Reporting a Crime/Emergency

Campus Emergencies x5555 or 845-575-5555
Other On-Campus Calls x2282
From Off-Campus 845-471-1822
SNAP Escort Service xSNAP (7627) or 845-575-7627

Anonymous, Private, and Confidential Reporting 

Confidential Reporting Options 

If a reporting party would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, the reporting party may speak with members of the Counseling Center or Office of Campus Ministry, off-campus local rape crisis counselors, domestic violence resources, and local or state assistance agencies, who will maintain confidentiality except in extreme cases of immediacy of threat or danger or abuse of a minor. For off-campus support and resources please visit

These employees will submit anonymous statistical information for Title IX tracking and Campus Safety Act purposes unless they believe it would be harmful to their client, patient or parishioner. They are encouraged, if and when they deem it appropriate, to inform persons they are counseling of available procedures to report crimes on a voluntary basis, whether confidential or private, for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. Campus counselors are available for students and the Employee Assistance Program is available for employees free of charge and can be seen on an emergency basis during normal business hours. If you wish to make a confidential report, you may contact any of the following Marist College employees: 

  • Director of Counseling (845) 575-3314
  • Office of Campus Ministry (845) 575-3000, ext. 2275

Private Reporting Options 

Marist College has an obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all members of our community. Therefore, college employees have a duty to report, unless they fall under the section above, and must share all details of the reports they receive. Parties making a report may want to consider carefully whether they share personally identifiable details with non-confidential employees, as those details must be shared by the employee with the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinators, and/or Office of Safety & Security. If a reporting party does not wish for their name to be shared, does not wish for an investigation to take place, or does not want a formal resolution to be pursued, the reporting party may make such a request, and that request will be evaluated in light of the duty to ensure the safety of the campus and comply with federal law. If you wish to make a non-confidential, private report, with or without a request for such a special consideration, you may contact any of the following Marist College employees: 

  • Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs (845) 575-3515
  • Director of Health Services (845) 575-3270
  • Director of Housing and Residence Life (845) 575-3307
  • Director of Student Conduct & Greek Affairs (845) 575-3514
  • Director of the Office of Safety & Security (845) 471-1822
  • Associate Director of Safety & Security (845) 471-1822
  • Director of Student Activities (845) 575-3279
  • Director of Athletics (845) 575-3304
  • Associate Athletic Director (845) 575-3322

In addition to these individuals, you may report crimes to any Marist College Security Officer, Athletic Coach, Resident Assistant, Resident Director, student club Faculty Advisor, or Associate/Assistant Director of Student Activities. All of the individuals listed above are considered campus security authorities and, as such, are required to report certain crime statistics to the Office of Safety & Security for inclusion in the annual crime statistics. If these reported crimes are considered by Marist College to represent an ongoing or immediate threat to students and employees, the college will issue a timely warning or emergency notification to our community.

In cases indicating pattern, predation, threat and/or violence, the College will be unable to honor a request for anonymity or a lack of consent to pursue an investigation. In cases where the victim requests anonymity/ confidentiality, or does not consent to an investigation, and the circumstances allow the College to honor that request, the College will offer interim supports and remedies to the victim and the community, but will not otherwise pursue formal action. 

Even Marist College offices and employees who cannot guarantee confidentiality will maintain privacy to the greatest extent possible. Formal reporting still affords privacy to the reporter, and only a small group of officials who need to know will be informed. Information will be shared as necessary with investigators, witnesses and the responding party. The circle of people with this knowledge will be kept as tight as possible to preserve a reporting party’s rights and privacy. 

Any disclosure made in the course of institutional research, classroom discussions or writing assignments or events such as Take Back the Night or speak-outs are not considered notice to the College unless the victim wishes a report to be made. Such information will be used to inform campus climate and educational efforts, generally.

Campus Communication of Emergency Conditions  

Marist College Security and the Office of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department and the Fairview Fire Department are prepared to act in response to varied safety situations that may confront the campus community. These include criminal acts, fires, unusual weather events, health emergencies, power outages, evacuation, etc.   

In addition, Physical Plant, Health Services and other departments stand ready to act when unusual circumstances arise.  The college also liaisons with a variety of public and private agencies and to supplement our emergency needs.

When crimes, dangerous situations, health related, or other unusual events occur, the College (Vice President for Student Affairs, Chief College Relations Officer, Director of Security, Associate Director for Safety, Asst. Director of Security - Operations) is committed to disseminating timely and accurate information to the community.

When a significant situation is identified and confirmed, information about such an event(s) is broadcast to the community by one or more of the following methods:

  • Marist Alerts
  • The college e-mail system
  • Posted on the college website
  • Campus phone system
  • Campus TV station -scroll text or full screen
  • Campus newspaper
  • Broadcast messages from Campus Security Vehicles’ Public Address systems
  • Delivered “Door to Door” by Security and Residence Life staff

Emergency Response and Evacuation

  • The College has an Emergency Response Team (CERT) that meets to prepare for and respond to any emergency that may occur on campus.
  • The College will immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff. Warnings will be withheld only if they would compromise efforts to contain the emergency.
  • When an emergency situation occurs on campus, Security Officers are dispatched to assess and render aid. Additionally, local and state police, and fire and EMS resources are immediately requested depending upon the emergency.
  • Specific emergency response and evacuation procedures may be initiated by the Office of Safety and Security and members of the CERT team or other qualified persons.
  • When it is confirmed that a serious emergency or dangerous situation exists, relevant information will be disseminated to the College community by a variety of methods including Marist Alerts, e-mail, the College's web site or other means. 

The Office of Safety and Security is located in
Donnelly Hall, Room 201