General Information

John Blaisdell, Director of Safety & Security
Al Abdelrahman, Associate Director of Safety & Security

The Office of Safety and Security at Marist College is a 24-hour a day, seven day a week operation with a approximately 78 full and part-time officers. All Security Officers are NYS Certified by the Department of State. The Director, Associate Director of Safety and the Assistant Director of Operations oversee the department. All access functions, (key control and electronic card access) are managed by an Access Control Officer and an Assistant Locksmith. The department also has an Investigator who conducts follow-up investigations. In addition, the Investigator, in cooperation with the Office of Housing and Residential Life, conducts Crime Prevention seminars at residence halls or floor meetings. An Office Manager oversees the clerical functions and supervises student employees. The Security Office issues and maintains all student and staff parking permits and parking ticket records.

There are three patrol shifts per day. A Supervisor is in command of the patrol operation for the shift. He supervises a dispatcher (who logs calls and monitors the fire alarm system) and three to five patrol officers who work both on foot posts or vehicle patrols. In addition, from 7AM TO 11PM, a Building Officer staffs each academic building. The McCann Center, athletic facility, and Library are staffed until closing. All residence halls, (excluding townhouse facilities) are equipped with a swipe access system that allows only authorized residents entry into the building. Also a Dormitory Entry Officer staffs the Freshman Residence Halls from 3PM TO 7AM.

All buildings on campus are equipped with fire protection devices and are monitored 24 hours per day. The College is inspected annually by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control and all buildings are in compliance with NYS Fire Codes. The Office of Safety and Security conducts periodic fire drills in all buildings. The Fairview Fire Department, located about one mile from the College, responds to all alarms and is in communication with our officers via the College's radio network.

The campus is equipped with 32 "Blue Light" emergency phones located in parking lots throughout the campus. Officers perform lock-out and jump-start services for students and staff. "Lost and Found" items are held at the Security office until claimed.

The College has a successful student run, campus-wide escort service - SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) to walk students from building to building during the hours of darkness. When the student escort service is not on duty, the security officers perform the escort function. In addition, due to the increased size of the campus, the Security Office is also utilizing SNAP employees to assist students, faculty and staff with mobility impairments by providing golf cart escorts. The term “mobility impaired” refers to a broad range of disabilities, both permanent and temporary, that may cause individuals to rely on assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers or crutches. Rides are given to and from the parking lots, residence halls, and academic buildings, and can be arranged by calling the Security Dispatcher at (845) 471-1822. The hours of operation are subject to change, so please call to verify availability.

The Office of Safety and Security also produces and distributes several brochures in regard to Fire Safety, Personal Safety, and information on tenants rights and crime prevention for off-campus students residing in rented apartments in the community. The Director and Assistant Director also meet with and make presentations to the student government and other student groups.

Marist College maintains a long-standing, working relationship with the police agencies that service the College and the surrounding area. They are: the Town and City of Poughkeepsie Police Departments, The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, the New York State Police and the Investigation Section of the NYS Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Criminal investigations that involve college students as either crime victims or suspects are coordinated through the Security Office. The Office of Safety and Security meets with and shares with these agencies information of interest such as flyers announcing off-campus parties that include the dissemination of alcoholic beverages. Part of our pro-active approach is to notify the agency that then sends an officer to the party site prior to the event and reviews with the host the legal and ethical responsibilities of hosting said event. Agencies readily send officers to College events such as career days, our annual Wellness Fair, and to address small student groups on various law enforcement and crime prevention topics. Several officers from various departments serve as members of our faculty teaching College courses on a part-time basis. The College, in cooperation with these agencies, also hosts a variety of seminars that bring together law enforcement officers and other human services providers to the campus. These seminars are open to the students at no cost.

The College's annual security compliance document can be accessed at: Report 2016.pdf