Center for Sports Communication

Center for Sports Communication

Mission Statement

Founded in October of 2011, the Marist College Center for Sports Communication promotes the study of and practice in sports communication, helping to prepare an enlightened and engaged group of future leaders in one of society's most far reaching disciplines. The center serves a variety of publics, including most notably Marist students, but also affiliated Marist faculty and staff, working professionals in sports media and communication, and the greater community with interests in the field. This will be accomplished through curricular development in sports communication, research and creative activity in sports communication, presentations by leaders in the field, and community service as relevant to the discipline. In working towards this mission, the Marist College Center for Sports Communication will forge and strengthen relationships with external agencies in the field of sports communication, including the vast and increasing number of Marist alumni who work in various component of the field. The center will maintain both an advisory board as well as a vast network of affiliate members, all of whom will provide guidance and support for the center's activities. The center will publicize its work through its own online presence as well as through traditional media outlets.

In following this mission, the Marist Center for Sports Communication will attract focused students to study sports communication at Marist and provide them with unparalleled educational opportunities, both in and outside of the classroom. In maintaining and promoting this hub of activity in sports communication, Marist will continue to be an academic leader in this vital field of remarkable public interest.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Create unique educational opportunities for Marist students that will enhance student experiences, increase the visibility of Marist's program, and attract an increasingly competitive student population from across the nation
  2. Create strong relationships between Marist and prominent external agencies in sports communication
  3. Develop and maintain a program of research in sports communication
  4. Create and produce professional sports media that reaches external audiences through unique partnerships
  5. Provide community service as related to the center's mission to both internal and external publics

About the Center for Sports Communication

Marist’s Center for Sports Communication is a global leader in the study of and practice in sports communication, helping to prepare an enlightened and engaged group of future leaders in one of society’s most far-reaching disciplines. The Center has achieved national and international recognition for the unique educational experiences it provides to undergraduates. Marist student interns provide industry-standard support for the Center’s work under the guidance of dedicated faculty, allowing students unparalleled opportunities and access.  Some Center successes include creating and hosting a weekly sports show called “The Classroom” on ESPN’s radio network, partnering with both the Marist Poll and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on sports-related survey research, building a unique speaker series that brings top leaders in the field to campus (including CBS sports broadcaster James Brown and Kevin Merida of ESPN sports blog The Undefeated), and serving as academic partner to the industry-leading Sports PR Summit.  The Center has also presented Lifetime Excellence in Sports Communication awards to HBO’s Bryant Gumbel and ESPN’s Hannah Storm.